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an art work by Yutaka Kobayashi

Another Akichi has wonderful breathing holes of the flowerbed on the avenue of the shops. However the flowerbeds are abandoned and forced into dormancy. I am really wondering what is happening here. I would like to wake their inherent nature, which has potential of being oasis among asphalt desert in urban area.

1. Release the abundant flowerbed from dormancy by giving water, organic compost and effective microorganisms

2. Plant herbs

3. Install the bench, place mirror inside, around the flower bed

4. Provide the gathering space where the tea, grown from the flowerbed, is served to people from all walks of life

5. Hear their thoughts while they are tasting the vibration of the breath from the Akich at "Herban*" Garden

6. Publish a collection of their thoughts on the internet and printed materials

* "Herban" is coined from the word "Herb" and "Urban"

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