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* an art, architecture, town planning, installation, machizukuri, urban discovery project - May 20. - June 4. 2000




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The mukojima network urban exhibition featured the following projects and activities:

mukojima artworks

[ German Castles ] Susanne Ring - Artist in Residence

[ Exit Mukojima ] Oliver Grajewski - Artist in Residence

[ Asphalt Surgery ] Yutaka Kobayashi
Cut a hole into the asphalt gives the earth a little chance to breath ...

[ Herban Communication ] Yutaka Kobayashi
Revitalising the abundant flower beds, growing herbs, drinking tea, talking to people...

[ Well-Side-Stories ] Shuji Inuzuka
There was a small open space. After a close look, I saw a well in the center ...

[ Open Studio ] Ryoichi Eguchi
'Open Studio', a place to meet and to talk, to communicate and to create ...

[ No-Children-Playground ] Ryoichi Eguchi
Open lots surrounded by fences. Children should not play there. Why not?

[ Menu ] Ryoichi Eguchi
Use this board to tell us about your ideas, wishes, projects, ...

[ Polaroid ] Agnieszka Brezanzka
In search of small everyday miracles go along one road, finding polaroids here and there ...

[ Row House Maze ] Katsuhito Nakazato - photo exhibition

mukojima network architecture and town planning installations

[ PC-House ] Akihiro, Anna, Andrea, Luca, Stefano
Some friends are coming to tokyo, but where can they stay? We know a nice place ...

[ Paper Wall ] Cesar Cornejo, Jin Taira
A space enclosed by paper, a huge wall moving in the wind ...

[ SOUNDPARK A Water-Fire-Installation ] Pedro P. Arroyo Alba, Daniela Lehner
A sound (water, fire), light (blue, red), video and art installation ...

[ Tricycle - An Urban Video Art Project ] Takayuki Osamura, Jean-Louis Rivard, Maki Shinohara
An Urban Video Art Project that condenses time ...

[ Mukojima Network and M-net "New Kobe" Exhibition ]
Town planning and architecture concepts for the future of the area ...

[ Micro Office ] Titus Spree
A small unit made to incubate the area with young people's ideas ...

[ Playground Mapping ] Shinpei Yamamoto
We made a 3 generation "Playground Map" with the inhabitants ...

[ Archi net e - motion ] Chakdao Navacharoen, Mathus Srisuchart, Deejing Jittanoon
A "Bangkok - City of Water" Installation project from Thailand ...


mukojima network children's workshops

[ Flying Maze ] Stefano Mirti
A playground made up out of silk, vinyl, tight ropes, flying shirts and washi...

[ Paint path ] Jin Taira
Paint the streets to discover the hidden beauty of this area ...

Further there were other events such as the:

[ Opening Party ]
and the
[ International Yatai ]
... small food stalls on wheels, carrying many delicassies from far away places

mukojima network forums

[ Mukojima town planning network forum ]
[ Mukojima education network forum ]


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