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the mukojima networks activity was made possible through the kind support of:

SONOTA - A group of architects and town planners that promote new approaches for town planning in dense urban neighborhoods like Mukojima

Kawanote Club - A group of citizens and experts engaging in the future development of northern Sumida-Ku neighborhoods and that are organising a neighborhood exchange with Ottensen, a neighborhood in Hamburg/Germany

• Several "Chokai" (neighborhood assemblies) from Mukojima and Kyojima neighborhoods

"Jizozakadori Shotengkai" in Higashi Mukojima and "Kira Kira Shotenkai" in Kyojima - the Shoppingstreet assemblies in Kyojima and Mukojima

Hitokotokai - Higashi-Mukojima

Kyojima Machizukuri Center - Kyojima

ShinEtsu Polymer

The University of Tokyo

ifa - Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. Deutschland - kindly sponsored the artist in residency program of mukojima networks

Contemporary Art Factory - kindly collaborated on severeal events of mukojima networks


Special thanks to:

• the inhabitants of Mukojima, Kyojima and Sumida neighborhoods

• Mr. Yamamoto - MANU/SONOTA

• Mr. Fujii- Kyojima

• Mr. Yamada - Higashi-Mukojima

Mr. Sawara - Higashi-Mukojima

• Prof. Hidetoshi Ohno - The University of Tokyo

• and thanks to all the people and students who helped to realise the mukojima networks urban exhibition from May 20. to June 4.

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